American IPA

13.36  American two row
.64 C 40
.5 Munich
1 red wheat

60 Magnum 1oz
30 Columbus .5oz (homegrown)
20 Citra .5
15 Citra .5
10 Citra 1 oz
0 Cascade 1 oz

Safale 05

Brewed Wednesday January 15


When life gives you lemons (i.e. freezing cold temperatures) make lemonade (i.e. Doppelbock). This is a nice, big, malty lager that is (or should be) easy drinking. I’m Brewing Jamil’s Recipe. ————————————- Brewing Notes Brew Day Jamil’s recipe with Maris Otter instead of Pilsner. CaraMunich 45 instead of 60 (only one pound) and one poundContinue Reading

Blonde Ale

I brewed Jamil’s recipe and got about 1.045OG with a 1.004 FG. Kegged it on January 16.Continue Reading

First Pilsner

A little chill haze, but it tastes amazing.Continue Reading

Erste lives up to its name…first bottle bomb! And first intruder!

Erste continues to live up to its name as a beer of many firsts. While I was bottling it in the dining room, a drunk college student tried to get into our house. We live right next to the College in our town, and several of our neighbors tell us that this sometimes happens onContinue Reading

Lagers, and Pilsners, and Bocks…Oh my!

I just got my temperature controller in the mail a few days ago. The previous owners of our house left a chest freezer in the basement. With this temperature controller, I can convert that chest freezer into a refrigerator to make lagers, pilsners, and bocks ( or any other style that requires colder than averageContinue Reading

Amber Waves of Grain – competition results

I got the results from the amber waves of grain homebrew competition last night. I didn’t get any first, second, or third place finishes, but I am still very happy with how things turned out. My English IPA took 5th in its category, and my Foreign Extra Stout received the highest score I have everContinue Reading

Old Blowhard (Double IPA) is Awesome

This is my first Double IPA, and you may recall that this is one that I thought I might lose to bacteria. It kept blowing the lid of my fermentation bucket, hence the name “Old Blowhard”. I’m happy to report that it is amazingly awesome. It it quite possible one of the best beers I’veContinue Reading

Ribbons and Feedback from Homebrew Alley 7

I got my two third-place ribbons in the mail yesterday from Homebrew Alley 7.┬áMy vanilla porter placed third in its category (Spiced/Herb/Vegetable Beer), and my Blonde Ale placed third in its category (Light Hybrid Beer). I’m more excited about the feedback. First, all of the beers seemed to do well. I submitted an American PaleContinue Reading

Glass Etching Carboys

This is geniusContinue Reading