Amber Waves of Grain – competition results


I got the results from the amber waves of grain homebrew competition last night. I didn’t get any first, second, or third place finishes, but I am still very happy with how things turned out. My English IPA took 5th in its category, and my Foreign Extra Stout received the highest score I have ever received in a homebrew competition. I’ve only competed in to big homebrew competition so far, so that might not be saying much – but it still feels pretty good. The other three beers I submitted we’re all still fairly highly rated, the judges comments were pretty positive. and the areas they suggested for improvement seemed spot on. I should have three or four new beers ready to submit for the next big New York State homebrew competition. Looking forward to it. Even when my beers don’t place, I still find the judge feedback and commentary to be very useful.

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