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Old Blowhard (Double IPA) is Awesome

This is my first Double IPA, and you may recall that this is one that I thought I might lose to bacteria. It kept blowing the lid of my fermentation bucket, hence the name “Old Blowhard”. I’m happy to report that it is amazingly awesome. It it quite possible one of the best beers I’veContinue Reading

Old Blowhard: Double IPA Update

Two weeks ago, I posted about my Double IPA and the blown fermentation bucket. I was very worried that the batch would be spoiled, but found solace in the fact that (a) it was a Double IPA and (b) fermentation took off super fast. Well, it looks like it has been saved! This beer already tastes amazing.Continue Reading

New Double IPA Recipe

I’m brewing my own recipe for a Double IPA. The top row of hops here are for the boil. The bottom row of hops are for dry hopping later. I’ll update the thread later and we can see how it turned out. Here’s the recipe. It’s an all-grain, 7 gallon boil with the target ofContinue Reading