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When life gives you lemons (i.e. freezing cold temperatures) make lemonade (i.e. Doppelbock). This is a nice, big, malty lager that is (or should be) easy drinking. I’m Brewing Jamil’s Recipe. ————————————- Brewing Notes Brew Day Jamil’s recipe with Maris Otter instead of Pilsner. CaraMunich 45 instead of 60 (only one pound) and one poundContinue Reading

Hefeweizen: A Brew of Many Firsts

I brewed a Hefeweizen. This was a brew of many firsts. It was my first time brewing a batch with my sister and brother-in-law. It’s fun to brew with family. It was my first time brewing a wheat beer. It was my first time brewing with the bag of Pilsen malt I just bought. ItContinue Reading

Blonde Ale (3rd Place Finish)

This is the last bottle of my Blonde Ale, and this took 3rd place in Homebrew Alley 7. Very happy to have placed at all in my first homebrew competition. Blonde Ale’s are nice, easy-drinking beers. They are good introductions to craft beers for the non-craft beer person. Since the recipe I brewed from callsContinue Reading

American IPA

American IPA is my favorite style, and this is the best recipe I’ve used so far. I’m calling it “Drew’s Brew” for those two reasons. Recipe and Notes:Continue Reading

American Pale Ale

This one was loosely based on a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone Recipe, but I went with light crystal malts, and for various reasons probably didn’t get the target hops utilization, but the result was a very pleasant surprise. It ended up being almost indistinguishable from Phin and Matt’s, Southern Tier’s American IPA – whichContinue Reading

English IPA

I am very happy with how this English IPA turned out. It is a nice size beer (7%) but you’d be surprised to find out it was that big. The malt character is great, but not overbearing or too sweet. And it has a ton of hops, but it’s not overbearing (which fits the style).Continue Reading

New Double IPA Recipe

I’m brewing my own recipe for a Double IPA. The top row of hops here are for the boil. The bottom row of hops are for dry hopping later. I’ll update the thread later and we can see how it turned out. Here’s the recipe. It’s an all-grain, 7 gallon boil with the target ofContinue Reading

Northern Brown Ale

This is the first English Northern Brown Ale I have ever brewed, and I am very happy with how it turned out. It turned out to be crystal clear. It also proved to me that I could move my all-grain brewing in doors on a low-power stove. Since winter has come, I’ve had to moveContinue Reading