When life gives you lemons (i.e. freezing cold temperatures) make lemonade (i.e. Doppelbock). This is a nice, big, malty lager that is (or should be) easy drinking. I’m Brewing Jamil’s Recipe.


Brewing Notes

Brew Day

  • Jamil’s recipe with Maris Otter instead of Pilsner. CaraMunich 45 instead of 60 (only one pound) and one pound of C40 substituted for the other caramunich.
  • Preboil Gravity = 1.067 (Target is 1.073, but I went with slightly more volume to boil off more DMS)
  • Mashtemp 155. Went 180 and came in a little high, but I went less on the water to grain ratio, so I cooled it down with a couple of quarts of water. That took it down to a bit below 155. That might make it a little less sweet, but we’ll see. I think that might be a good thing.
  • OG – 1.08 (target was 1.086)
  • Wort tasted great.
  • Rehydrated 3 packets of Saflager
  • Hops
    60 German Hallertau 4.2% (1.5 oz)
    30 German Hallertau 4.2% (.5 oz)

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