Erste lives up to its name…first bottle bomb! And first intruder!


Erste continues to live up to its name as a beer of many firsts. While I was bottling it in the dining room, a drunk college student tried to get into our house. We live right next to the College in our town, and several of our neighbors tell us that this sometimes happens on occasion. But this was the first time it happened to us. Also, a classic German Hefeweizen calls for higher than normal levels of carbonation. I didn’t over carb the beer for the style, but I probably over carbed it for the bottles. At least when they’re sitting around in 70 degrees. I had my first bottle bomb. I have since moved them down to the basement, where it is much colder. That should relieve some of the pressure. I haven’t had a bomb since, and it’s been about a week and a half. I could uncap them and recap them, but the homebrew store guy said that probably wouldn’t be necessary. He did recommend that I move them to the lagering in fridge that I now have in the basement. Going to do that tonight. So, Erste brought me my first bottle bomb, and my first intruder. But I forgive Erste because Erste is an amazingly good beer.

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