Lagers, and Pilsners, and Bocks…Oh my!


this Johnson thermostat is a cheap and easy way to convert a chest freezer into a lageing fridge or kegeratorer

I just got my temperature controller in the mail a few days ago. The previous owners of our house left a chest freezer in the basement. With this temperature controller, I can convert that chest freezer into a refrigerator to make lagers, pilsners, and bocks ( or any other style that requires colder than average fermentation temperature). I can also use it to ferment regular style ales if it gets a little too warm in the basement over the summer.


I brewed my first German Pilsner last night. It was a very simple recipe. 11 pounds of pilsen malt, an ounce of Perle (8%) hops at 60 minutes, half ounce of Hallertau (4%) at 15 minutes, and a second half ounce at 1 minute.

6 weeks from now I should have a pretty nice beer just in time for the summer. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

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