Old Blowhard (Double IPA) is Awesome

imageThis is my first Double IPA, and you may recall that this is one that I thought I might lose to bacteria. It kept blowing the lid of my fermentation bucket, hence the name “Old Blowhard”.

I’m happy to report that it is amazingly awesome. It it quite possible one of the best beers I’ve brewed. As you can see, it’s crystal clear. It has the most amazing citrus/passionfruit aroma and flavor. Just the right amount of hop bitterness. It’s a good size beer (close 9% ABV), but is incredibly smooth and drinkable. No harsh alcohol flavors, not even subtle one’s that would clue you in to the fact that you’re drinking a big beer.

As an aside, the Citra Hop might be my new favorite hop for American styles IPAs and Double IPAs. I can see why it seems to have taken the craft brew industry by storm. It seems that there is a prevalent thought among homebrews that Citra is basically like any other “C” hop (e.g. Cascade or Centennial), but I now see why the Mad Fermentationist felt compelled to debunk this as #2 on his list of top 10 Homebrewing myths.

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