Looking into Commerical Examples of the Belgian Dubbel

I hope to brew a Belgian Dubbel, and so I’m getting a few commercial examples of the style. Last night I grabbed a single bottle of Westmalle’s Dubbel. That’s as classic as it gets. There are only 8 trappist monastery breweries. Westmalle is one of the six in Belgium. The other is from an AmericanContinue Reading

Hefeweizen: A Brew of Many Firsts

I brewed a Hefeweizen. This was a brew of many firsts. It was my first time brewing a batch with my sister and brother-in-law. It’s fun to brew with family. It was my first time brewing a wheat beer. It was my first time brewing with the bag of Pilsen malt I just bought. ItContinue Reading

Bought Gigantic Bag of Pilsen Malt

I’ve started buying my base malt grains in bulk. All-grain is already cheaper than extract brewing, and buying your base malt in bulk amounts to even more savings. Think about it. A base malt like American Two-Row, English Pale Malt, or Pilsen Malt constitutes about 80-90% of your grain bill in most patches. Before youContinue Reading

Old Blowhard: Double IPA Update

Two weeks ago, I posted about my Double IPA and the blown fermentation bucket. I was very worried that the batch would be spoiled, but found solace in the fact that (a) it was a Double IPA and (b) fermentation took off super fast. Well, it looks like it has been saved! This beer already tastes amazing.Continue Reading

Switching from Extract to All-Grain

I only brewed 2 batches from an extract kit before I decided to try my hand at all-grain. I haven’t looked back. The control, the guaranteed freshness, the cost, and the feeling of “I’m-actually-making-beer-from-scratch” that you get cannot be beat. It adds a lot of time to the brewing day, but I find that thereContinue Reading

Blonde Ale (3rd Place Finish)

This is the last bottle of my Blonde Ale, and this took 3rd place in Homebrew Alley 7. Very happy to have placed at all in my first homebrew competition. Blonde Ale’s are nice, easy-drinking beers. They are good introductions to craft beers for the non-craft beer person. Since the recipe I brewed from callsContinue Reading

White House Honey Ale

My folks gave me a kit for White House Honey Ale. You’ll recall that some clever Redditor filed for the recipe under the Freedom of Information Act when he discovered that the White House brewed its own beer. I’ve always wanted to brew this, but I’ve been doing all-grain for so long, that I’ve alwaysContinue Reading

First Homebrew Competition Success!

I entered my first homebrew competition – Homebrew Alley 7, and I just found out that two of my beers finished third in their categories. My Blonde Ale finished third in the Light Hybrid Beer category, and my Vanilla Robust Porter finished third in the Spiced/Herb/Vegetable Beer category. I’ll post the recipes for each ofContinue Reading

American IPA

American IPA is my favorite style, and this is the best recipe I’ve used so far. I’m calling it “Drew’s Brew” for those two reasons. Recipe and Notes:Continue Reading

American Pale Ale

This one was loosely based on a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone Recipe, but I went with light crystal malts, and for various reasons probably didn’t get the target hops utilization, but the result was a very pleasant surprise. It ended up being almost indistinguishable from Phin and Matt’s, Southern Tier’s American IPA – whichContinue Reading