Switching from Extract to All-Grain

I only brewed 2 batches from an extract kit before I decided to try my hand at all-grain. I haven’t looked back. The control, the guaranteed freshness, the cost, and the feeling of “I’m-actually-making-beer-from-scratch” that you get cannot be beat. It adds a lot of time to the brewing day, but I find that there is a lot of downtime in between steps. You can actually get quite a bit of other stuff done around the house, once you’ve mastered the basic steps.

What really convinced me to make the plunge was watching the video below. All-grain seemed so mysterious and complicated, and when I saw this video, I realized — it’s not that complicated. I thought, I could do this. So I did, and like I said. I haven’t looked back. If you’re an extract brewer, and you’re thinking about the plunge, this video should serve you well.

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